Phone call from PMH

Friday at 10:15am, I received a call from the stem cell transplant coordinator.
Blood work showed an infection and Tony needed to go to his nearest hospital or go downtown to him.
Well, that was a no brainer!  I quickly got us ready, packed some snacks and meds, just in case it would be a very long day.  We drove to PMH and got there at 11:45am.  Record time as it was not rush hour.
They still didn’t have the full culture results in yet, but began antibiotics and Saturday/Sunday, they would know more about the infection.  Still no fevers.  Took Tony’s vital signs and all ok.  Actually, his blood pressure was getting better.  He has stopped his blood pressure pills entirely.
We left the hospital around 3:30 and home care will be visiting to administer the IV antibiotics during the weekend.
Good news is that harvesting his cells is still a yes for Wednesday.
Keep those prayers going that he produces enough of those “things” for stem cell harvesting!
Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Update on my mom:
She is still in hospital.  We do not have a firm confirmation as to what is still going on with her.  Lots of tests and questions.  Hopefully, this Monday, they will be in a position to tell us more.