PGHL On A Roll!

Ok – that’s not a sandwich!

Promoting Global Hair Loss (PGHL – @PromotingGHL or #PGHL or is on a roll!  We’ve currently raised over $9,500 for The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation!  That doesn’t include the $5,000 I should get from my company matching program!  If you’ve not heard about this, here’s the short story.

I am going in for my bone marrow transplant on 28 January at Mount Sinai.  I swore the last time that I lost my hair I would lose it of my own accord – and bring down all my friends!  Now I have a few friends in a few different places so this time I decided I would be Promoting Global Hair Loss (aka PGHL, etc as stated above!)  There’s a page on the blog with some details but more on the Facebook page (again, referenced above).  I’ve been amazed at how well and how quickly this has all come together.  I’m not quite at my $50,000 goal but I think we might actually get there – I’ll be in or through my BMT but we’ll get there!

In New York City we have a group: myself, Bert Oberlander, Dennis Hawkes, Bill McHugh Sr, Eric Anahory and I believe my brother.  There may be others but I can’t keep up with it all!  We’re doing the deed on 19 January at Failte on Second Ave in NYC.  We’re going to try and have a web link open so people can tune in (but I’m not sure if I know how to do it correctly! :)

In Hong Kong we have Chris Ng, Murray Seargant and Elin’s ‘other half’ (I don’t even know his name!)  This is all happening on 18 January.

In Middlebury, VT we have Harry McEnerny and even his wife cut her hair short (from shoulder length) to support!  Also happening on 18 January.

in BALDimore (Baltimore, MD) Max’s on Broadway, in Fells Point, is hosting a big event with PR people extraordinare, Randi, Andrea and Brent!  This is on 19 Feb and we will be trying to have a link between BALDimore and NYC!

In Charlotte, NC we have Elaina Rego who hasn’t shave her legs since mid-December and will do so on January 19th!

In DC we have Rob Traister who’s willing to lose his hair for the cause but we’re desperately trying to find a location to do so – if you have any connections please put us in touch!

In Dallas we have Craig Storey who’s doing his bit at the Londoner Pub on 24 February and my cousin will join as she’s there!

In Boston, my god child Harry and his brother Jim will be hosting an event on 25 February to do the deed.  

Zurich, our foreign exchange student (many years ago), Hoss (Hosskuldur Hauksson) is taking the plunge and giving us a European flair!

I still have some irons in the fire for the UK but nothing solid yet.

All of this was put together in less than a month and was done by friends!  Yes I spent a lot of time on  Facebook and Twitter but they picked up the pieces and made it a reality!

For those that are in my boat, diagnosed, relapsed, heading to a BMT or went through your own BMT at some point, please pass the word.  If you’re in any of these locations please join and tell me when you’re joining so I can let the local hosts know!  If you have any crazy friends that want to host their own event then let me know and I’ll add them to the list.  

My goal was to raise money for The MMRF.  But secondly, I wanted to get the word out – about MM, my issues and to make people aware.  So pass the word and lets Promote Global Hair Loss!