Permanent Health Kick

Recently I have been on quite the “health kick” so to speak. Dr. R said that I should be trying the “holistic” approach at this time. Meaning… stress reduction, healthy eating, exercise, and trying to reduce free radicals as much as possible. Honestly, I have never been so dedicated to anything more in my life! I have been doing yoga for stress relief (lots of laying and breathing – not really exercise – but it does relax me!), working out at the gym like a maniac, and eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables.


I have been drinking green tea and orange juice in the morning, and eating spinach, broccoli, berries, nuts – mostly “single ingredient foods” or “real food” if you will. I’ve been attempting to avoid processed food that has labels with ingredients that I can’t pronounce.

I’m hoping this turns into a permanent health kick. Really, an overall lifestyle change.  The thing is though, I have never been overly unhealthy – I’m not overweight and I have always tried to eat a balanced diet and exercise from time to time. I have gone through spurts of working and out more regularly and eating super healthy throughout my life. However, this behavior usually lasts a only few weeks – often in correspondence with January 1st…

Now I am shooting for the “permanent” health kick, like I said. No more Cheez-Its or Mike & Ikes for me! Honestly, it hasn’t been too bad so far. Some days I would kill for a Diet Coke during those long Friday afternoons at the schoolhouse. But that’s another story. And really, who am I kidding? I’m far from perfect. I had Chinese food a few weeks ago. What’s up, MSG.


I am hoping that this healthy lifestyle will also keep me well through the winter since the last couple winters have I had a constant cough/cold/sinus infections. Hopefully the stress reduction, healthy food, and exercise will boost my immune system and help keep me protected from my germy students!