People who don’t know should not give advice!

I have encountered a lot of people who do not know what it was like for my father and brother to have Myeloma!  When they ask about them, or by chance about me and I inform them, they are full of advice.   “Well my Aunt Pity Pat she had cancer of the elbow.”  She was treated and is now running Marathon’s in Boston and New York!!!!  These people are so irritating, they are too damn positive about things they simply do not understand.   These people, while perhaps well meaning, are relating events about cancers, that are not like Myeloma.   These well meaning, deluded people are talking about “early” stage, superficial cancers involving external treatable locations.

This optimistic, polly anna, pie in the sky optimism is not only ignorant but is not helpful to me or to anyone else.  Their balming of their conscienceness helps only them in their unknowing fear.