PEGgy Sue

The G.I. (gastrointestinal, or gastroenterologist, if you prefer) doctor, stopped by to consult with Sue this morning.  He’s planning to put her PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy) feeding tube in tomorrow afternoon.  He says the procedure will take about 20 minutes.  After the surgery is complete Sue will no longer be called Sue, but Peggy Sue.  Her mom’s name was Peggy, so it’s all coming together here.

Sue was tired today, and slept a lot.  Today was day 7 on the Rev-Dex combo.  The past couple of days she’s had persistent headaches in the frontal lobe area, just behind her forehead, and periodically throughout the day she’ll have hot flashes — hot enough to make the back of her neck and head sweat.

We expect to make arrangements this week for home health care and subsequently, if indicated, home hospice care.  We tentatively expect Sue to be discharged later this week or early next week.  Sue has made the choice to wear the DNR (do not resuscitate) wrist band, and we’ve placed a copy of her Health Care Power of Attorney in her binder of medical information in her room.

Her immediate goal is to try to get well enough to attend our daughter, Jessica’s wedding in May.  Her back-up plan is to have all of Jessica’s surrogate moms attend, and when Jordan asks “who gives the  bride away?” I am to have them all stand up and say “her mothers and I do.”  We have yet to run this back-up plan by the bride to be.