Pegged Out: A Giveaway

I tried. I really did.
But sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter what you do, it was simply not meant to be.

No, I haven’t put the waistband on yet, and I know that would pull it in and up a bit.
But  I honestly don’t think that would help.
I chose the wrong size and the wrong fabric for this skirt.
The next picture demonstrates the issue a little more clearly…
But here is the clincher…
A vast behind, me hearties!
I have already taken it in by a full size down the sides, but there is way too much bulk from the multiple layers of too-heavy denim.  I can’t shave off any more from there because of how the pockets fall. The sticky-out pockets are the point of this skirt.  But sticky-out side seams are not part of the design. 
I can see the potential of this pattern, in the right size (6 not 8, despite measuring myself and the pattern before I started) and in much thinner / drapier fabric.
But I should have listened to my gut instinct – it is a pattern for a curvaceous girl, not an ironing board like me.
Ms Idle Fancy looks frankly GORGEOUS in hers.  Oh good lord, have you seen her wedding photos?!
But I am an entirely different shape and size.
When will I learn?!
And I made such a good job of the zip too…
 The Giveaway
So here’s the plan:  I am going to give away this pattern to one of you lovely readers.
It is the Peggy Skirt from Bluegingerdoll patterns.

It includes the full range of sizes on a single massive sheet of paper:  you trace the one you need.

Abby, the designer, was very kind and helpful in answering my questions, and there is a sewalong on her blog too.
Fancy having a go?
Just leave a comment (including a way to contact you) below by midnight on 14 February to be entered in the lucky draw.
Go on – you have nothing to lose!