Last night, my insomnia was boosted by a fun side effect from the cyclophosphamide. I think this email pretty much sums it up.


Now, I am going to let you into a little secret. A doctor told me that I must go to the toilet whenever I had the urge after having this delightful chemotherapy. Seeing as this side effect hit me in the middle of the night, I took his advice literally and sat on the toilet for nearly an hour…. I do not think that is what he meant.

The email basically sums up that I have no shame, but, I think I knew that already.

Anyway, it was good that I asked the question, because it led to me having to take another dose of a drug called Mesna, which by the way, tastes like artificial beef flavouring. Much like I imagine, a supermarket branded packet of beef flavoured crisps would. It was not a pleasant taste in my mouth. My mouth should be saved for good things.