PCH To The Rescue

Last night, there was a dilemma in the Jones household. It made me stamp my feet and squawk swearwords, really, really loudly. It was a drug dilemma. I did not have any. Try as I might, I need morphine to function. The prospect of four days without my beloved morphine, really did make me say some proper swearwords.

After a quick ring around to the emergency hospital number and then local pharmacies, I discovered that getting my morphine without a prescription was going to be next to impossible. The hospital thought it would be easy; they were wrong.

Major dilemma.

Then, with a bit of prompting, Haemo Dad came to the rescue. After another phone call, a doctor kindly offered to assist and said that by midday today, I would get my fix. This was amazing news for the school, because it meant that I would be able to move. By move, I mean walk, stand and bend. All the things most people take for granted. I am going to be honest with you, sitting up this morning from my bed was no easy task. I had to complete it on three.

So, this morning, I got to revisit the weekends of my childhood with a visit to a lab. Albeit, a lab in new clothing, for Peterborough District Hospital no longer exists. Peterborough City Hospital does. They brought along the old green high chairs. I wished I could have twirled on one like I used to, but I am fairly certain that would have resulted in a broken back.

Whilst, I was technically at the hospital because of My Myeloma, it wasn’t UCLH, and I wasn’t receiving treatment. It was nice, refreshing almost to view a hospital as something that is unconnected to the cancer. In my current state of mind, it was almost exciting. Maybe because it was the weekend and it was quiet. See for yourself.

An empty hospital corridor. Exciting.

Lab coats. Riveting.

Gas. Whatever.

I do however, have myeloma, which meant that the fancy machines have a hold new dimension in my cancer obsessed mind. I got to see what happens to my blood every time it leaves my arm twice a week. It gets spun. And other stuff. As somebody who asks a lot of question, it was educational.


There you have it. Today, PCH came to my rescue and as a result, I can rest easy. All I had to do was set my Dad’s out of office (for the first time in seven years).