PCB With Patricia, Lauren and Keith

I had a lovely 10 days on the beach.  Last Thursday, my pal Patricia arrived.  We feasted on lobster tails Friday night.

We were joined by dear friends Lauren and Keith on Saturday.  Played on the beach all day and had a pizza delivered for dinner.

Went over to Beach Package (now called “The LIQ”) for happy hour and stocked up on 30 packs of beer.  Only $15 each.  At that price, I couldn’t afford NOT to stock up!

When we headed back to the condo, Keith made me a “Throne”.  Too funny!

In the morning, we had a good breakfast and hit the beach at 9:30 in the morning.  Drank beer, played “ladder golf”, and had great fun.

Lauren and Keith left late afternoon, Patricia headed out Monday morning.  (She remains my FAVORITE roommate. We’re extremely compatible and I’m so happy that we’ve become dear friends!)

For the rest of the week, I cleaned up the condo, spent time on the beach and just “chillaxed” as my niece says.

I’ve got something GREAT to report-  I’ve been bitching and whining about the beach service chairs taking up all of the prime shoreline spots for a couple of years.  Apparently I’m not the only one.  The rental service now must move BACK to open up spots for guests.  (I’m feeling kind of smug right now).

Headed back a week from today for a couple of weeks.  Dear high school pal is flying in on Monday for a week.  Can’t wait to see her!