I’ve always considered myself to be a very patient person. Over my many years of being in the working world, I’ve often been complimented by other staff members that I am a very good teacher because I as so patient. I love to share the knowledge that I have with others. 

But when it comes to Mr. B getting better, I find that my patience is lacking. I want him to hurry up and get better. I want the doctor to try other drugs. Why is it taking so long? Why are we not seeing any positive results from his treatments? And then I remember. This is not in our hands. We have no control over how or when Mr. B will get better. And so we wait. We wait for the day when Mr. B will turn the corner and be on the road to recovery. We place our hope in our God and remember that He alone will guide us and give us patience.

About 4 years ago, my daughter gave me a hummingbird feeder. I had often talked about how I wanted to put a feeder outside in the hopes that some hummingbirds would start visiting it. Then we moved to a condo on the second floor and I thought I had to give up my dream of seeing my own hummingbirds. After all, hummingbirds don’t fly to second floor balconies, do they? My friend in Vancouver told me to go ahead and hang the feeder. She lives on the eight floor of an apartment building and she gets lots of hummingbirds! Ok, she had me convinced so last summer I hung out my feeder and even purchased a second one. But I discovered at the bird store that you need to have the feeders out as early as possible because if you miss their migration north, then they will find another location. So I did see the odd hummingbird but nothing very regular. I was so disappointed.

But this summer, I had my feeders out by mid May. It took a few weeks, but then I saw my first bird. I was so excited! Now to try and get a picture! I sat for hours on my balcony, waiting for one of them to come to the feeder. And EVERY single time I lifted my camera to take a picture, they were gone like a bullet. So I tried taking a picture from inside. That didn’t work very well either. Next I tried using a tripod for my camera and I sort of sat behind it with my finger ready on the shutter release button. I did get some pictures. Here is one of the better pictures.

But I still wasn’t satisfied. What was missing? Then I realized what it was. I think the thing I like the most about hummingbirds is watching their movement. They are so amazing to watch! They zip back and forth so quickly that you would miss them if you blinked! So I got smart and took a video instead. I hope you enjoy it. :-)
This is the second video that I took. The hummingbird wouldn’t come to feed while I was outside so I set the camera on a tripod and started the video while I went inside. It came almost right away when I left but kept a close eye on the camera. LOL