Partly sonny

WCK and I spent last week at Vacation Bible School. WCK, of course, was in one of the first-grader groups, and I volunteered to watch the other volunteers’ babies in the nursery. Both of us had a fun time. WCK is already asking when Vacation Bible School starts next year, and all of the babies went home happy, without any emotional scars. As far as I know.
My only quibble with Vacation Bible School is with the National Vacation Bible School Corporation (That’s not its real name, but it should be) that comes up with the themes for Vacation Bible School. The first year we participated, it had a camping theme and was called Son Rock Kid Camp. Then it was Son Quest Rain Forest. This year, it was called Son Surf Beach Bash. I found the web site for the National Vacation Bible School Corporation, and other themes include SonHarvest County Fair, and Kingdom of the Son.
Jay kept forgetting the name of this year’s theme and called it all kinds of weird things, but my favorite was “Kid Rock’s Son Camp”, which I think would be a very different thing entirely.
Anyway, every year NVBS Corp. comes up with a theme, finds an awkward place to stick the word “sun” and then changes it to “son”. Get it? Because the sun is out in the summertime and the camp is about the son of God? It works on two levels!
I have nothing against puns. I really enjoy puns. I think the world should have more puns in it, actually. I just wonder how long NVBS Corp. can keep milking this “son” thing. Eventually, it’s going to stop making any sense whatsoever (I mean, even less sense than “SonHarvest”). I’m picturing an endless Creative Team meeting at NVBS Corp. International Headquarters that lasts into the wee hours of the night. No one is allowed to leave the room until somebody comes up with a son pun. Finally, someone suggests a dermatological-themed Vacation Bible School called “Son Exposure Gives You Wrinkles”, and everyone agrees, because they’ve been there all night and they just want to get home. Before sonrise.