Parting shot

I,’m retty sick of medicine ads. They’re filled with fallacoious information essentially invented by people with no connection to medical research and often aren’t even CPR or first aid techniques. Yet these Lian’ ass promo specialists rake in the bucks with their alarmist cannon fodder.


I mean, restless leg syndrome, dry eye syndrome and dry mouth syndrome. Save one, all of these can be relieved with Visine, a piece of hard candy or a little light exercise of the offending leg. Or, quite often the leg can be calmed by bending the knee to a figure 4 position.  Big pharma has be selecting common body attributes for ages and applying spooky name and generating paranoia among the masses who are gullible to believe something they’ve seen their whole lives and never gave it a second thought. Face it, through our lives we’re going to pull muscles, slam our fingers in doors or drawers, stand too long on a hard surface and we’re going to suffer from one of the new so called diseases. Like sunburn is virtually calmed by drenching the burn with white (or even) apple cider vinegar, and a quarter t-spoon of baking soda will eliminate heartburn in a minute after it makes you emit a most satisfying burp. Sure, you can over use the baking soda and over inflate your gut and do some internal damage. Stay with 1/4 teaspoon and you’re too to go.


It bugs me because they could be spending money and time on cures for the world’s heinous disease insteading to work to add to their already staggering