The Most Important Relationship…..

We all treasure our relationships with those we love. We love those in our family and we love those we call friends. There are, of course, different levels of intimacy involved in different relationships. We share more information with certain others m…

Day 18 – early

Woke up at 5 this morning. Bit excited. Found myself planting some spare tomato’s in the border before 6. Must remember to take it easy…Great to arrive home last night, although it was a bit of a last minute deal with the doctors. Spent the first hou…

Day 17

OK I have had my blood results. Neutrophils = 1.14. In theory this means I can go home. Doctors are pontificating at the moment as last night I had a turbo boost with an injection of GCSF. Kind of a ….well, a turbo boost for my cells. So they are con…


Late again. Not that I’ve been busy. I was playing cards with Alice, who dropped in to see me. That’s my excuse. I’m sticking to it.Blood results are the same as yesterday which is encouraging. They still expect me to be out sometime over the weekend.N…


Bonza!,I’ve been waiting for my blood results to come back before posting this. Good job I did as I have neutrophil news. They are 0.1 WBC = 0.3. This may sound piffling to most of you, if not all of you out there, but for me and my closest this is a …


No change really. Blood results much the same; platelets up due to a bag of them yesterday afternoon. But really no change yet. Sickness under control, but I still suffer from queasy spells. Must be in my head.Been amusing myself this morning by thinki…

APRIL 2009: Letter from Becky

Dear Family and Friends,
Many of you already know that I have been diagnosed with cancer this last fall. My cancer is a rare bone marrow cancer called Multiple Myeloma. The treatment plan for this cancer is chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant within a year of diagnosis. I was sent to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in December to discuss the bone marrow transplant and all that is involved with it. My transplant will be at the Fred Hutchinson Research Hospital which is known worldwide for its ground breaking research and successful transplants. My bone marrow transplant will involve using my own stem cells, so no donors needed.
I received a booklet explaining that I will be an outpatient to SCCA for 2-6 months depending on how I respond to treatment which would require me to live within 30 minutes of the center. I also will need to have a caregiver 24/7 to live with me. They suggest in this booklet to begin fundraising money for living expenses in Seattle.  They recommend raising 25,000 to 30,000 dollars before the transplant to cover these expenses and/or medical expenses not covered by my insurance. I have been given a list of possible places available to live. There is even an RV park close by if anyone is able to donate the use of one that has at least two beds.
I am asking for any type of donation you are able to give.  My son (James Philipsen) opened a donation account at Wells Fargo Bank in Mt. Vernon called the Becky Voelkel Benefit Donation Fund which you can directly deposit into or send directly to me. We are able to give tax deductible receipts for any donations sent to us through the mail.
Thank you for your consideration and any help you can give.
                                          God Bless you, 
                                          Becky Voelkel, (Sharp, Philipsen)
                                          Joy of the Lord is my Strength, Amen!
Please send any donations to:
Becky Voelkel
45944 Baker DR.
Concrete, WA 98237 
P.S. I covet your prayers as I prepare for my transplant in August

Welcome and Purpose

Becky Voelkel a Strong Christian woman, Mother of seven and Grandmother of six, has always put people before herself.  Becky was diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2008. This cancer is a very aggressive form of Multiple Myeloma that dramatically shortens her lifespan. So as her family and friends we are asking for your help. As you know doctor bills are very high and insurance doesn’t cover everything. We need to Raise a lot of money and don’t have much time. Please help us out and donate what you can, anything will help.  You can also donate at any Wells Fargo Branch into the Becky Voelkel Benefit Donation Fund. Thank You for your help

With this blog we hope to give updates on Becky’s condition and connect those who want to support Becky during this battle against Multiple Myeloma. Follow this blog regularly to keep up-to-date with Becky’s procedures and learn about how you can help. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. 


I’m hoping that 13 is a good number for us today, in that grafting will begin. No sign yet from the bloods today. Neutos still at 0. Doctor today said it was early days yet and wait for the end of the week. Jeanette was born on the 13th, we got engaged…