After Transplant #2

Mark has been a little sick with this transplant, but that is to be expected and nothing like the last one. His white blood cells have started to drop so he is going into the neutropenic stage. This means highly susceptible to bacterial infections.Star…

ICU Day 1 – PM

The pulmonary critical care (PCC) docs decided to keep Andre attached to the ventilator. Results of his several spontaneous breathing tests (they turn off the ventilator and have him on “sedation vacation” so Andre can be awake) show that he’s doing great in terms of his respiratory rate and his blood gases. But because of the pain and discomfort, Andre then gets highly agitated and his blood pressure shoots up. The docs would rather take out his breathing tube tomorrow morning when they’ll have the whole day to monitor him instead of doing it tonight. They think it’s also helpful for Andre’s chest muscles to relax for another night by having the machine assist with his breathing. They think this will help synchronize his left- and right-hand sides when he breathes.

Earlier today, the PCC docs called an anesthesiologist for a consult. They wanted to know if Andre can have an epidural. The anesthesiologist said that an epidural would be risky because of Andre’s low platelet and white blood cell counts, so the pain meds will just have to stay systemic as is the case now (via I.V. or through Andre’s central line). He also said that the pain management will have to be done by the PCC docs. He recommended to the PCC docs to use Dilaudid on a PCA (delivery of the pain med is controlled by the patient with a push of a button) but since Andre is not conscious enough, this might be tricky. We’ll see how they’ll do this tomorrow.

It’s a little past 8 PM and I’m still here in Andre’s room because I wanted to check with the surgeons when they go on their last round of the day (they’re supposed to do one in the morning and one at the end of the day). But guess what? One of the PCC docs just informed me that if the surgeons haven’t come by yet, they are likely gone for the day. His advice: go home and come in early to catch the surgeons’ when they do their morning rounds.

<<< RELAPSED >>> :(

As you’ve been reading in my last several entries, I’ve continued to report the continual UTI’s and extreme exhaustion I’ve been having. I know I sound like a broken record. I had an appt with Dr. Nair yesterday and and we discussed the results of my l…

ICU Day 1 – AM

First off, I want to apologize for not responding to those who had left me messages. It’s been a crazy 24-hr.Andre still has his breathing tube and chest tubes. He is sleeping right now.He was semi-awake when I came in this morning. He wanted to com…

Day 36

I went for a bike ride last night. I must have cycled, well roughly, I think, about a mile. I ended up in almost the lowest gear. Before I set off I had a route planned of about 4 miles of gentle scenic cycling on the flat mostly. I had to turn back no…

Transplant #2

Hello Everyone, I am happy to say Mark went through chemo very well. Last time Mark was given one dose of Melphalan and was very sick one hour after that and didn’t let up for 16 days. This time Mark got the extra drugs to help prevent the sickening side effects and has done very well. Mark has not been sick at all yet.

Mark eating ice before and during the melphalan. Eating ice prevents mouth sores.
Look he has hair again, not for long.

Mark has been eating so well that the Doctor even teases him about his weight. He has gained back most of what he lost the first time.

Today was transplant and Mark has done so well with this also. Dr. Zangari signed the orders to proceed with the transplant, giving him four bags of stem cells. Again the frozen stem cells were brought in a capsule and then warmed up prior to injecting them back into Mark. He was then given two bags of saline. This took about four hours.
Again from the preservatives they store the cells with he smells like burnt corn. Thank goodness that only lasts a few days

This is Marny hooking mark up.

Mark giving Marny a bad time. Not a good idea when Marny hold the needles.
Much better than last time.

His next appointment is Thursday. Let’s all hope for no infections.

Day 35 already

I can’t believe I’m up to day 35. Time seems to go so fast. I my head I had all these little jobs around the house I was going to have done by now. A dab of paint here and there etc. But so far I’ve done nothing. I’d better get on.Had one of the chicke…

Body & Mind Struggles…..

I’ve said on my last few entries, how absolutely fatigued I have been feeling. I had my weekly Dr. bloodwork appt yesterday and found out why I have been feeling so horrid. To make the story short…I have another UTI that is kicking my butt…my RBC a…

Day 30

Hi all, My posting on this blog is poor at the moment. I think I’m associating it with feeling unwell, which I still do on occasion but generally I feel well. I had a cold last week but that seems to have cleared up quite quickly. They tell me that I w…

Ready for Transplant #2

Mark & I met with Dr. Zangari today. All his test came back great, so he gave Mark the go-ahead to start the second transplant. However, last time Mark was given just the double dose of Melphalan. This time Mark will be doing the Chemo drugs starti…