More Good News

I am considering many options for the continuation of my blog. I do so appreciate your patience. There are many good developments in my health of late. My red blood has taken a miraculous turn for the better and now resides at a nice healthy 12! It…

Moving On

Sorry that I haven’t checked in to write my blog for so many days. Everything is fine, I’m just considering renaming my blog…so as to move on from cancer. My treatment is done. I’m in remission. I’m in an independent study that takes up much of m…

Continuing on

A lot has happened the last month. The CMV infection was resolved, and then 2 weeks later reappeared, so I’m back on the anti-viral medicine. The rash on my face has grown to be a non-fungal "dandruff", which isn’t pretty, but manageable. When I complained to SCCA, I was given a link that showed some pictures of some real graft vs. host disease rashes. Suddenly I’m not complaining so

Quick Trip to Houston

As promised, I am returning to Houston for a quick check up with my doctor at MD Anderson. We’re staying at Springhill Suites because the Rotary is full. But that is fine. The main reason the Rotary is better concerns parking. If you stay at the Ro…

An Entire Week (Almost) Has Passed

There were lots of things to do this week. Mainly, unpacking and getting Jacob ready for school. There is, as you can imagine, a lot of things that have been left undone over the summer that I’ve needed to do. I still find time in the mornings to dr…


It looked as if there might be flooding in the area of Houston where the apartment is, so Kirk and I decided to come home to Dallas now. It was a good decision. Tuesday, we’ll return so I can have my catheter removed at MDA. Hurricane Dean is headin…

Plans for This Week

Since I am returning home to Frisco next Wednesday, this week will constitute my last relatively alone days in Houston at this apartment. I have a friend who lives close by that I’ll be visiting one last time on Wednesday and Thursday. And, of course…

Marking Time

God-willing, I’ll be home by August 22nd or 23rd. I’ll need to return to MD Anderson the next Tuesday for a follow-up appointment with my doctor, who is going to be out of town for two weeks, but that is okay. Being home is all that matters, and that is what my doctors feel I’ll be ready to do by the 23rd.

So Kirk will drive down from Frisco alone one last time (and back again, of course) on Thursday and stay through Sunday. Then we’ll be apart only Monday through Thursday (possibly Friday,) then Kirk will fly into Houston. In this way when I leave on Tuesday August 22nd or early Wednesday, we can travel together in one car back to Frisco. No more lonely rides to and from Frisco for Kirk.

Meanwhile, I’m marking time. Today, I spent much of the day watching an A&E version of Pride and Prejudice, which was quite fun. Julie very kindly has made these CD’s available to me, so I decided while I was reading the book to indulge and see what a version more faithful to the text might do for Austen’s story. I recommend it. Collin Frith played Mr. Darcy, and he was quite good in The Girl With the Pear Earring (as Vermeer,) so I am now much more impressed with with his acting abilities considering his range.

Lately I have also troubled myself with a translation of a poem from Russian by Karolina Pavlova, a nineteenth century poet. The translation is part of my efforts to prove proficiency (and I stress the word) in Russian for my Ph.D. and began with a recommendation from one of my favorite professors at UTD. He suggested I try my hand at not only translating the poem, but making the English version have the same iambic pentameter rhythms and ABA rhyme scheme. I may only be able to accomplish a literal translation. I have had some luck with the first stanza, but it sounds more stilted than I would like.

Aside from that, when it is still relatively cool in the mornings and late evenings, I go out on my bike or for a walk to the mail box or around the lake. Otherwise, days are a bit bleak. For I do miss everything that my life had to offer me in Frisco (as you can imagine.)

Jacob and his dad are now at the Grand Canyon, and I hear reports almost daily from Jacob about their exploits. I may not hear from him, however, for the next few days, since they will be at the bottom of the Grand Canyon staying at Phantom Ranch. I suppose it is possible that they will have reception on their cell phones or that they will find a suitable phone to make a call, but I’m uncertain. Then, it will take them two days to hike out of the Canyon. The first night after Phantom Ranch they will stay at Indian Gardens, which is about 5.5 miles beneath the rim. They are going into the Canyon by Kabab Trail and out by Bright Angel Trail. I am so proud of Jacob for accomplishing this at just the age of 14.

On their way to the Canyon, they hooked up with Vernon’s eldest sister, her husband (Julie, my caregiver’s uncle) and the two remaining live-in sons, Danny and Bobby. The last time I saw them Bobby must have been 7! I heard that there was lots of visiting and fun to be had there. Bobby is now 18!

Next on their way to the Canyon, they went hiking with Lisa, her husband, Randy and mom in Bandalier. Both stayed at mom’s house for two nights (I believe.) All of that I heard also went well, and much fun was to be had by everyone involved. I am told they crammed in every possible tourist attraction under mom’s guidance while in Santa Fe and the surrounding areas.

One last thing, I heard from a friend I had lost touch with five years ago. She and her family are from Canada, but had been living in Frisco. They have been renting their home in Frisco for the last 5 years, since they had to return to Canada. I think in the move from the apartments we were living in I lost her contact information, though I’ve been searching online for her and her family for almost 2 years. Sharon called the house in Frisco just this week and Kirk was able to give me her number. We talked last night, and it was really great catching up with my old friend.