Over the Rainbow

After months of begging and pleading, WCK is now the proud owner of a Rainbow Loom. If you have never heard of a Rainbow Loom, you are obviously not the parent of a little girl, aged six to twelve. In fact, you probably live in a cave on some distant alien world where everyone is born at age thirteen and little girls ages six to twelve do not exist.

For all of you Alien Cave People: A Rainbow Loom is a plastic thingamajig doohickey that you use to make friendship bracelets out of teeny tiny rubber bands. If you are in the third grade, you simply cannot function without a Rainbow Loom.

The bracelet-making process is pretty straightforward, but the Rainbow Loom instructions come with ominous warnings: “Do not wear if skin develops redness. Visit physician if symptoms persist or worsen” or this one: “Rubber bands under tension can generate high force.

But that’s the thing about third graders: They take the risks. They are brave in the face of the Rainbow Loom. They run toward the Rainbow Loom when everyone else is running away. That’s their job. “Yes,” they say, “my skin developed redness. I took a rubber band to the eye. But I could not — would not — stop making friendship bracelets.”

The Rainbow Loom has been in our house just a little over 24 hours, and a pile of little rubber bracelets is growing in WCK’s room. She’s made them in all color combinations, including a patriotic red, white, and blue one, a red and gold one for the Kansas City Chiefs, and an orange and black one for next Halloween. The child is a maniac on the Rainbow Loom. She says her goal is to make 100 — no, 200! — bracelets and then sell them and get rich.

She offered to make me one in yellow and pink, but then she said I’d have to pay $5 for it. I said that since I’d already forked over $16 for the Rainbow Loom that I should get my bracelet for free. She finally agreed to my terms, and now I have a lovely yellow and pink rubber bracelet that I can wear to the many formal affairs that I attend.

Jealous much?

Want your own? That will be $5.