Out of Commision

Hello Fellow Readers,

Excuse the short absence. I was ill with some kind of strange viral infection- that no one knows for sure what it was…..
This was one time I knew for sure MM was about to be the death of me!
What started off as a quick turn sore throat to losing my voice in 1 day, to an ear infection the next day, to horrendous back spasms- i cannot tell you how much pain i was in.

Now this may not have had anything to do with MM, but the back spasm and me crawling and dropping to the floor due to the pain…. I cannot tell you how crazy the experience has been.
My concern was even more intense with the back spasms, as it was at my lower spine, where I already have small indications of lesions, so you can imagine how scary this was.
I recovered from this, but hope there was no damage done, but my practioner assured me if there was fractions, I would not be about to bend and do some of the tests he had me do. I’ll need to share this experience with my oncologist in the next few months….

Never a dull moment!!!

Best my friends!!