Our Progress Report- So Far So Good

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks.  Today Dom completed his 5th radiation treatment on his left hip.  Only 5 more to go.

We’re meeting with a gal at the Slidell Cancer Center on Monday to discuss medications and insurance.

His last radiation treatment will be next Tuesday, then we have an entire, much needed, week off.

Meeting with his Slidell Oncologist on June 1st, where we’ll learn about his Chemotherapy schedule.

After radiation this morning, we dropped off the oncologist’s letter stating that his cancer had returned to our local Veterans Services Officer.  She’s a doll…the same gal that took care of us in ’08.  She felt confident that he’ll receive 100% disability from the VA.  They’ll be in touch to set up an appointment with one of their doctors.  I just hope that it happens AFTER we get more information on June 1st.

So-  Things are happening very quickly.  Our patient looks and feels great, although the radiation is starting to bother his hip.  (nerves have become effected from the radiation)

Thank you for your continued prayers!