Our Deep Sea Fishing Excursion- Big Fun!

Ric and I have always wanted to go Deep Sea Fishing, so we booked the 6 hour trip with Captain Anderson’s Marina .

It was alot of fun.  Caught White Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, Lady Fish and some that I’ve since forgotten.

Ric’s first catch was a big Red Snapper.  Unfortunately, they were out of season, so we snapped a picture and threw him back in.

Saw a bunch of sharks, dolphins, stingrays and flying fish.  Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. (My deckhand was baiting my squid for me!)  I highly recommend this trip!

Afterwards, we walked next door to the MARINA CANTINA for a great happy hour.

The guys at the marina only charged 50 cents per pound to clean and filet them for us.  We picked up our fish the next day, Dom drove into town, and I made us a fish fry.  I’ve never attempted to fry fish before, and was a little nervous.  But, they turned out “restaurant quality”, or so said the boys!

A shout-out to Brian, owner of BUDDY’S SEAFOOD for coaching me on how to cook them during Happy Hour that afternoon.  :)

This will no doubt be an annual thing for us.