Our day out.

Step out of the hustle and bustle of the busy shopping centre and into the relaxing sanctuary of The Sanctuary Spa in Cambridge. Although it looks pretty small from the outside it is quite a tardis filled with generous sized rooms designed for pure relaxation and serenity.

Following a bit of a sprint across the green from the swimming pool car park, as the one closer wouldn’t accommodate Kate’s rather high vehicle, Kate and I arrived just in time (I do hate being late) to be greeted at the front desk by Zoe and her colleagues. We were warmly welcomed and shown around before changing into our luxuriously soft white robes and flip flops.


Our first stop was the Lavender Lounge, where two velvet loungers awaited and a goody bag each. How exciting was that! We could help ourselves to fruit teas and other healthy refreshments whilst we read magazines and waited for our beauty therapists to arrive. My lovely young girl, whose name escapes me, led me to a candle lit room and after careful explanation proceeded to massage my body with rose scented oils. Kate opted for the hot shells massage. It was a very relaxing experience and I must admit I nodded off for a few moments.


We then returned to the Lavender Room and were served a very pleasing healthy lunch with a naughty little strawberry cup cake that was simply divine.


Kate then had an hour to relax (apparently she slept) whilst I was led to another therapy room for the best bit of all, a facial. I had never experienced a proper facial before so this was quite an experience and one that I would certainly like to repeat. I don’t think I could have asked for more and I definitely did nod off this time, as it was so relaxing.

Last of all we both had a complimentary manicure topped off by a glass of bubbly. This life we could get used to. Thank you Cancer for giving me the time away from work to experience such luxury.


We really didn’t want to leave but shopping called so with another dose of pain killers we said our thanks and goodbyes to Zoe and headed to John Lewis which happens to be only next door. Unfortunately gone are the days when I could shop for England and Kate would be moaning, ‘please no more’. One store was enough for me but I did spot one little dress that caused Kate to roll hysterically around the changing room. OK I did rather look like a beached up whale but there was no need for that, sisters can be so cruel. Of course the dress she chose fitted her slim figure perfectly!

We didn’t arrive home until about 5pm and I am sure I can speak for us both, we had a jolly good day. So after the little misunderstanding the Sanctuary Spa came up trumps.

Have a relaxing weekend and enjoy a little sunshine for a change.