Our Anniversary

Today, August 23, we have been married 45 years. 1970 is a long time ago it seems. We had a simple Quaker wedding at a historic Quaker meeting house(highland Mills ,NY). We were married under the care of Cornwall Friends Meeting. We were way too young but believed in each other and our love. Quaker weddings are very simple no, minister, you each get up about half way thru the meeting and speak your vows. A large scroll is outside the door and as people leave they sign it and they are your witnesses to your marriage. I have ours framed and hanging in our house.

We had a very small reception with pot luck food, and a carrot cake, and lots of champagne. We drank a lot of champagne (too much for this young kid, and embarrassingly was pretty wasted. Somehow we made to the hotel. How anyone let us drive is a mystery to me. But hey this was 1970. They were probably just glad to see us go.

Off we went, in our 1964 VW bus, up thru Canada, down the Souls St. Marie and down to Tucson. B was a sophomore and I was a freshman. How we thought we were going to pay for college is really beyond me, but we had hope and dedication.

Tucson was an adjustment for me but I came tool the open sky and the desert.

We’ve had a wonderful life together, two wonderful children and being parents was one of and is still is our greatest joy. For me it is the one thing I know i accomplished well. I never had a career per say, never any real job, except he library, and now thats gone. So being a mother is the one greatest accomplishment of my life , except for always trying to be the best wife i knew how. That doesn’t mean we didn’t have our share of problems and issues. We just stuck together and worked things out.

Its been a wonderful life and now living with an incurable cancer I can really say “how great was this life”? pretty great.

I love you sweetie, now and forever!image