Organic farmers lose court battle with Monsanto

“Trust us, we’re Monsanto.”

That’s pretty much all the untrustworthy company had to say to win yet another round in a drawn-out court battle with organic farmers and seed producers.

The U.S. court system is refusing to protect the organic growers from future Monsanto lawsuits in the event that traces of genetically engineered genes accidentally end up in the farmers’ crops. That’s because of a single paragraph on the biotech giant’s website that says it has no such litigious intentions.

Monsanto’s gang of lawyers frequently sues farmers who grow the company’s genetically engineered crops without paying royalties — despite claims by many of the farmers that the seeds and genes ended up in their fields through no fault of their own. They didn’t want the stuff on their land to begin with, so they naturally wonder why they should have to pay royalties for the privilege of growing it. (The danger of rogue contamination was recently illuminated when an Oregon farmer found illegal Monsanto GMO wheat growing on his farm.)

Memo to federal judges: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet — and don’t believe anything Monsanto posts on the internet.