Only Way is Up!

Well I have told my consultant that I will hold her to the claim that today will be the worst – mainly for the mucositis – and things will start to improve.

Really struggled mentally and physically the last few days, but the white cell count continues to rise and some healing and fighting infections should start now.

Some hiccups – have had a lot of discussion about poos and then state of my bottom. Bright green poo can be Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) and mine has certainly been a few strange colours. At one stage I thought I had c.diff again and really panicked but while I didn’t understand the explanation, the fact i have had it before and there are some sort of genetic switches too, means it is sort of showing up, even though not full blown. Well that made no sense. But they are treating it anyway.

I have barely been able to read or watch TV and can only take visitors for a short while. Chemo brain is a definite atm.

On drug issues – I have been told that once I stop having the runs (will that EVER happen), I will go from IV to oral Ciclosporin which will certainly please me. It gives me a headache permanently and makes me hot and queasy. The oral stuff is supposed to be much kinder.

Am off the G-CSF which made me ache badly.

I have had horrendous quantities of fluids and am still like a balloon. Just can’t get drinking atm. I have tried hard to keep up with showers etc. Had to just wash from a bowl yesterday as I was hooked up all day. Took forever.

Managing to eat tiny bits of toast and some soya yoghurt.  Guts are very sore. Have been seen by nurse with skin tissue training re red marks on backside, which are being treated. Not sure what caused them – not pressure sores.

So, that’s where I am. Thanks to all those sending comments etc. Apologies if I haven’t replied – I will eventually! Love to all and best wishes to anyone else doing the transplant thing atm.