Only 1 sleep to go…

…and all is well with the world. In fact I have been feeling so well (I really hope I am not tempting fate by expressing this!) and very excited the last couple of days that some people have questioned if I am back on the steroids! I can assure you, I am not but I do have a secret stash somewhere, not that I am intending on taking them as I am naturally on a high at the moment.

On Saturday the plan is to have an afternoon nap, leaving Pollyanna here to welcome early arrivals. The party doesn’t officially kick off until 7.30 but we are expecting our staying guests and campers to arrive anytime in the afternoon. I am really looking forward to meeting new people, and in reality I think sleeping in the afternoon, may be a bit of a challenge but I do so want to stay up late.

Yesterday Colin and I put a playlist together and it was lovely to have a quick preview of all the songs we enjoy. It’s a great mix of country, pop (mostly 70′s & 80′s) and a little bit of jazz thrown in for good measure. It was pretty time consuming to search through our many albums and different devices but I think there is something for everyone to enjoy in the 9 hours worth we managed to cobble together. Not that we will have much time to play them, because of course we are lucky enough to have David Mills singing live and a great band called the CC Smugglers, who I am sure, will get us all up on our feet dancing.

I think we are ahead of the game thanks to all the help we are receiving. Yesterday a couple of warming devices arrived, one being a log gas fire in a glass box, it’s pretty amazing and has been kindly leant to us by

We have a couple of other patio heaters arriving, not that I think we will needing them if the weather forecast is to be believed. And we will be lighting the bonfire and toasting marshmallows later in the evening.

So today the staging and lighting arrives and we hope to do any last minute cleaning then get on with the fun of decorating the place with bunting and anything else we can find.

Such fun!

Deborah x

PS. If you aren’t able to come along but still want to donate to our charity please see the button at the top (ish) of the page. Thank you so much to those who have already kindly donated to Myeloma UK.