One Year Post SCT Fast Approaching

December 4 will be one year post stem cell transplant and ll seems to be going well. My hair returned within 3 months, energy level is slowly returning and the M-spike remains very low. Emailed my hematologist at Mayo asking if I should come back at one year and she said it wasn’t necessary – good news, stay at home and work with the oncologist.

I have been on a maintenance program of 10 mg Rev since April and will be adding some Dex in about 2 weeks.

Life has returned to normal for the most part, i returnedto umpiring high school girls fastpitch and adult slowpitch softbll, got in a little kayaking and fishing and finished helping my son install an engine and transmission in his 84 Fiero. The gararage is still a cluttered mess – tht was a summer project and it is getting ready to snow. Something has to give because there is no room in the front garge for the snowblower and tractor!

I returned to work 1 month aft the SCT, working 4 hrs per day for the first month and the full-time since then.

Over the course of the year I have learned tht severl friends from the GOL House were nto quite so lucky and have either passed way or are having a difficult time – my prayers go out to them and theri families. This is not an easy row to hoe.

Thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes! Fight the fight!