One year anniversary

He has been knowingly battling this horrible disease for 365 days.
He has had many ups and downs and ups.
He has exhausted a few oral chemo drugs to keep this under control.
He has had too many to count x-rays, CT scans, ultra sounds, radiation treatments, biopsy, needles, blood transfusions, blood taken, bone marrow tests, ambulance rides, emergency visits, hospital stays, sweats, constipation……blah blah blah.  I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff!
He has had countless appointments with specialists: oncologists, urologists, radiologists, hospitalists, pain management, gastro, dental, etc.
We have learned lots.
Cannot believe we are days away, again, from harvesting his stem cells.  DAYS!

After all of this, one year later, tonight, he is weak, exhausted, his back hurts & zero appetite.
It’s been rough, but we, his family, are keeping things normal.
Keeping the faith.
Staying positive.
Laughing with him.

As of today, this last round of chemo has visibly deteriorated his tumor on his bikini line by 90%.
He can do this.
He can do this.

Tomorrow is a Princess Margaret Hospital Day.  Must be downtown for 8:10AM  Yikes, that’s early!
They are doing a blood work count check.  I need to write down what they’re looking for.  It’s white cell count and something else.
I need to remember to ask about his M-protein number!!!  These tumors have taken over and that’s all we are concerned about, but I’m curious about how his myeloma is doing……Must remember to ask for that number.  Must remember.