One Year Ago Today 6-10-10

Has it really been a year since I was Chemo IV’d for the first time with CYTOXAN aka “CyTOXIC” to me!!!

Sheessh! was I naive about what I was in for!! But good thing… as I think my blonde “I’ll do just fine optimism” was what gave me the bravery I had…
Knowing what I know now… hhmmm… don’t think I’d be so brave! There would have been the anticipatory fear factor for sure
No doubt, “Ignorance is Bliss” was best in this case for what I went thru beginning June 10, 2010…

 Puffy Steroid Me
hooked up and receiving the live-saving poison
 Looking back, I still can’t believe what I tolerated chemically!!!
Nor do I fully understand how all these powerful chemicals
work in tandem together to save our lives, rather than euthanize us!
Such a delicate, wonderous balance
Medical science just amazes and intrigues me!
How those brilliant researchers, doctors, nurses etc
really know the exact pairing, balance and amounts 
of these cancer-killing, life saving chemicals
Feeling ok then…
Ha! had no idea how Cytoxan would be so
CyTOXIC to me hours later!
Jim’s just glad they didn’t hook him up too!
Best nurse ever and forever, Jalee Ms Extraordinare!
Ha! almost looks like the death-sentence chair
But in my case, the Life -Saving chair!
Just another big round of kicking Myeloma’s butt out of my system
after doing 6 months of Revlimid and DexamethasoneSteroids prior to this!
Gooooooooooo Chemo!!!
Bring on the cancer-fighting chemicals!!!