One Test Brings More

The good news is: I get to officially raise my lifting limit from 10 lbs to 25.  I had hoped to turn that letter in at work, impressing everyone with the advance of my improvement, but, the bad news is, my Oncologist called today with recent test results.  My Spep is now 1.2, a very small increase, but a continued increase.  I’m on the calendar for an MRI.  She also wants another skeletal survey to see if there are more tumors under construction, and on June 29 th, another bone marrow biopsy (top contender for most pain felt.  I asked for this one to be done under sedation).  This will determine if its time for treatment or if there’s more precious time to wait.

This is me heading home after a minor disturbance at a local establishment. Okay, not really.