One step forward two steps back

The last two days we have been away with our friends I have been less than good company. I have in fact been no company at all. I have been burgeoned by fatigue, feeling so tired that even sitting up in a chair and chatting has been too much. So yesterday, and much of Friday was spent sleeping most of the time. I find this so disappointing as it seems that every time I think I have turned the corner something comes back to remind me otherwise. For those of you who have suffered from real fatigue you will appreciate the difference between that and feeling extremely tired.

Besides the fatigue every 15 minutes or so I have the dreaded hot flushes. Anybody watching me would notice my face turn a shade of scarlet which results in me wanting to rip all my clothes off, this in it’s self is pretty tiring.

My plans of spending my time away writing thank you letters has not worked at all with one written but not sent as I forget the stamps! So I must apologise to all those lovely people who sent me gifts for my birthday, I am so very grateful and they are much appreciated.

Today we will go home and I hope that being back will result in me feeling brighter again. I have a hospital appointment on Tuesday where my consultant may be able to help me make sense of things. I am just hoping that the fatigue is just as a result of what I have already been through and nothing else.

Sorry to not have brighter news.

Deborah x