One More Working Week

Stephen West in his Pom Pom It hat

I’m almost there.  Just one more week at work before Christmas, as my employer has generously granted us Christmas Eve as an extra day’s holiday – woo hoo!  Mind you, I will be spending most of that day at the hospital with FL. 
I have decided to save my selfish Christmas knitting for then – my Pom Pom It hat will be my new Waiting Room project.  Something to look forward to!

I still have half a sock and half a mitt to knit before the Big Day.  That sounds achievable!

And this weekend?

My pheasant-print Airelle

I am absolutely itching to sew another Airelle Blouse.  This week, I was delighted to help Eleonore (the designer) by proof-reading the English version of the pattern (translated by the lovely Anna)… so you can be assured that those gorgeous Deer & Doe designs will soon be available for all you English-speaking stitchers – woo hoo!

My close study of the instruction booklet has inspired me to make my second blouse straightaway.  I wore my pheasant Viyella Airelle twice this week and was so pleased with it:  warm enough, smart enough, quirky enough – yay!

That should be my last new project this year (note the word: “should”).  After that, I really want to devote myself to finishing all the Works In Progress and making a proper plan for 2013 instead of whim-sying around like a demented butterfly.
Yeah.  Believe that and you’ll believe anything!