One more day of this poison!

Today, Thursday, was much like yesterday. No new side effects yet. Steroid is still being awful but they give me things to counteract it. I had my first full night of sleep with a little help from my friendly klonopin. Unfortunately, the aide came busting at 7am screaming that she had to get my vital signs! As I startled, I wanted to instantly slap her! But I know she could have used her inside voice and I wouldn’t of nearly wet myself! Lol One more day and I am out of here on Saturday! I will go back to the hotel and go back to clinic everyday for supportive care since chemo will have set in and doing it’s thing by next week. My eldest, Aaron will come in Sunday to relieve his Dad on Monday. I haven’t seen him in a year. He will stay with me until I can come home. I won’t know when we will go to transplant until we know if the treatment was successful. I can’t believe it is not working with all 4 different types of chemo flowing thru my veins! Yes hair will fall out for the
up-teenth million time! No more bad hair days for awhile! Who needs it anyway!:) Thanks for
all the prayers and supportive love you all have sent me! It makes this journey a whole lot
tolerable! Well I am waiting for the stroke of midnight to have blood drawn and then I can have klonopin and go night, night until loud mouth comes in wakes me up! God bless you all,