One more day behind us

Today, Tony had his follow up appointment at Princess Margaret Hospital.
We only had one concern.
Tony has been complaining about his hickman line hurting him.  Pain at the opening.  During the night.
So the doctor had it swabbed.  It is very red.  Looks more irritated than infected, however, better to make sure.  No puss.
Blood work showed no concerns. No fever.  Hemoglobin is at 90.
However, drinking and eating continues to be challenging.  The patient is not cooperating!
His blood pressure clearly dropped when taken from sitting to standing.  DEHYDRATION!
Home care has been extended for another 7 days.  He gets 1 litre with the IV and needs to drink 2 more litres.  It’s just not happening.  It’s not described as “metal mouth”.  Everything continues to have a horrible after taste to him
Fatigue is huge as well, although he is getting better.  Diarrhea hasn’t happened since last night and vomiting hasn’t happened since Monday night.  Slowly and surely, getting better.
As he said to me today on the car ride to PMH, “one more day behind us, Mary”.
Yes, we are getting closer every day to feeling better.

Tonight, as he sat on the couch, he looked very flushed.  hummmmmm.
I took his temperature:  38.2
He is exhausted and wants to go to bed now.  We shall see how my night progresses.  I hope it doesn’t get worse……