One for the ladies.

How many off you in the past have wanted to raise vital funds for a charity and yet not had the resources or ability? Skydive? Not for me. Abseil? NO WAY I can’t even paint the ceiling and any way Mike already did that. A marathon? Er, not this year. I don’t have the contacts or the time to organise a ball or the grand “June Garden Party” I dream of. 

So for all the ladies out there and some of the men I have decided to take on something that is possibly braver than a 10 second (I do underestimate the time) skydive or lowering yourself on a rope (even if it is from a high bridge!) I have decided to raise money and when I reach my target shave my head. As anyone who has lost their hair will know, the commitment is rather longer than just a day. 

I originally intended to shave my head in solidarity with Mike five years ago, without raising money for Myeloma UK, so this year as Mike approaches his next round of treatment, he’ll tell you all about it soon, I have set myself a target of £2,500 and when I get it I will go bare! 
So dear blog readers, if you can spread the word globally, share with family and friends and maybe donate just a small amount I will hopefully get a bare head while the weather is good during the summer!