One down, 729 to go.

Took my first dose of the new chemo regimen this morning.  Revlimid pill chased with a low-dose aspirin, an Acyclovir, a Bactrim and some calcium.

Freaked out, depressed, anxious, you name it.  Questions continually form in my head mixed with doubts that overwhelm slender, battered hopes.  There’s just no scarier thing I can think of than chemotherapy … HIV drug regimens, maybe, but my understanding is that that’s no longer a death sentence.  Will this work?  How long until it stops?  Will I have side effects or totally reject the meds?  The mind never shuts down.
Took Ariana  to Tiny Town yesterday … kind of ridiculous, but I saved the tickets for the train.  Thought I’d insert them in my next letter to her, a little treasure to have along with the words.