On the Eve

Celeriac and Apple Soup – Happy Christmas!

Recipe here.
7 days without an internet connection.  Did you miss me?  I missed you!
A salutatory lesson in digital reliance.
We are 8.5 kilometres of brittle unburied cable from the nearest Telephone Exchange.  The end of the line.  Every time someone gets connected further upstream, our connection dwindles and fades, until it dies.  Mr BT says there is nothing much he can do, unless we move house, but for now we are back online.
So  while I might declutter, I dare not “go paperless”. That would be very very foolish indeed.

Meantime… I have been knitting.
This is the sock I cast on on Christmas Eve (Regia Colorations 3311).  I finished the first one in the hospital waiting room yesterday.
All is well.  More Pomalidomide.  That is ten months now.  Wow.

And The Girl got a new Stovetop hat in green baby llama Miski, when my first attempt at her Christmas hat (Skiff) turned out to be ginormous.  I am going to offer that one to The Boy, who has a headful of dreadlocks to keep warm.

I tested my new Turkish spindle and made some 2-ply lumpy red wool.
And then I cracked out some Norwegian wool / bamboo mix and managed this:

Oh yeah, baby, I made laceweight!
I am a very happy spinner!

I am halfway through my Infuscate Curl.
And on the final panel of my Kex Blanket.

I finished listening to Outlander, which my son says sounds like “Fifty Shades of Tartan”.  I won’t be bothering with the rest of the series.  Sorry if you are a fan.
I have The Paying Guests ready to go.
And I am reading Upstairs at the Party.

If this seems a little rushed, that’s because it is.
If my internet connection is doomed, I don’t hold out much hope for this blog.  Sigh.

And on that cheerful note:  Happy 2015 when it arrives!