On my last grappa!

re-post from book!

I used to love “british” time – when you count a 24 hour clock. I know they call it military time but as I look at “2:13” and sip the last grappa of the night I figure I’m allowed to call it whatever the hell I want to call it!

Tonight finishes this chapter in the PGHL handbook. It doesn’t finish the book as we had too much fun tonight and did too much “good” tonight! But i expect to be noticeably more quiet over the next week. 

I want to thank everyone for putting up with the multitudes of emails and my requests for money. Realize that all of this is going to the MMRF – an organization that has been making great strides in tying together hospitals and doctors benefitting the research of my disease. There are other groups out there that make an effort, no less valiant, but I chose the MMRF. Whatever the cause, it helped me prove a point. Again, I’ll have a blog post with more detail but friends are friends – FOREVER! 

You know a friend – it’s someone you can talk to and not have to put up a facade. It doesn’t have to be someone you’ve known for years – it’s just that time when everything clicks. And friends are the people that help you get through life – the good and the bad. Over the past month I’ve been calling in markers on friends I’ve known for years and friends that have only been little more than acquaintances. Bottom line, they’re friends now. And we’ve raised a bit of dough while doing it.

More importantly – I expected my friends to come through, but I didn’t expect the response I’ve gotten from the MM community. People reaching out to me to say thanks or that they’ve been through it or that they have family going through it. Thank you for being a new friend.

And I expect, over the next month or so, while I go through the 270 pix my camera took tonite (granted, by a different photographer) and the numerous pix and video (thank you to carlos chiossone for being there) I will also look at ways I can continue to Promote Global Hair Loss.

Tonight was good fun. The video feed worked for all of 20 minutes and then died. I shaved around 20 heads (I even had to do a proper styling on one that caused me to nearly lose a digit!) We raised upwards of $3,200 at the bar and the donation board currently stands $45 shy of $27,000! (that’s a clue to donate!) I’ll take credit for the idea but I couldn’t have done it without my friends – each and every one of you that posted this page, posted my dribble and, of course, posted my pictures! Thank you – all! Friends add the substance to life that makes it liveable!

Thank you for Promoting Global Hair Loss!