On Cape Cod, Massachusetts, U.S.A…

IMG_9101I’m here. At my parent’ house on Cape Cod. It’s great to be back… :-)

As soon as I set foot in my parents’ house–after first hugging Mom and Dad, of course–I asked: “so, where’s Muffet? (Muffet is my parents’ new cat…I wrote a post about her last month.)

IMG_9145She was asleep on my parents’ bed, but after about 5 minutes she came downstairs, sniffed me and let me pet her. Then, to everyone’s surprise, she jumped right into my lap–the lap of a complete stranger (to her, I mean)–and settled down.

Muffet is the purrfect lap cat…such a sweet cat…very playful, very gentle. Adorable. When she wants to play, she leads me into the living room where most of her toys are. Smart kitty!


These are the first photos that have been taken of Muffet after my parents adopted her. Isn’t she (also!) a beauty?

Anyway, clearly, all is well here on Cape Cod…!!!