Oh what a night…

…that followed yesterday’s long day at the hospital. We left home at 6am and weren’t home until 12 hours later. I was so shattered I just got into bed fully clothed. I was too tired to even eat the fish pie that mum had kindly made for us, so we can look forward to that tonight. I saw the consultant and all seems to be going to plan although I won’t have the para protein results for a few days yet.


Thank goodness for Pillboxie my medication iPhone app that sends me reminders and keeps me on top of my drug regime. Wednesdays are my big drug taking nights, so yesterdays chemo treatment was followed up with 10 chemo tablets and 20 steroids as well as all my usual pills and potions. Taking steroids is not recommended on an empty stomach, as I was soon to find out. With a bucket next to the bed, a great deal of will power and a few prayers I managed to not throw up but only just! I felt confused, in pain and sick and thoroughly sorry for myself. But despite my broken sleep, today is another day and a fresh start.

Thursdays are usually much quicker in the hospital, especially as I managed to keep my cannula in from yesterday. Kate is kindly taking me again today and we have planned to drop into the Cancer Hair Care pampering session to start with.

Thank you to my good friend Mary for suggesting a Button Art workshop. We are charging £20.00/head with all profits going to cancer research. So if you fancy joining us for a morning of tea, cakes, crafting and great fun please let me know. We will probably host it on a Tuesday morning so if you have a bit of annual leave to take for a good cause please think about joining us. We have already been commissioned for a piece of unique art, I can’t wait to get going. Thank you again to Lorna for her original ‘Buttons for Bones’ idea.

We are gritting our teeth and keeping our fingers crossed for some dry weather as the water is getting scarily close to the house. We are thinking of importing some sand and making a beach next to our new man made lake. It all looks very pretty but I don’t think we will have quite the same view if it does come inside and we have to move upstairs!

Tale care

Deborah x

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