Oh This Rollercoaster!

Further to the post below: On Friday afternoon we received two calls from Lincoln Hospital, one from the Haematology Department and one from the Renal Care Support Team both informing us that Hamada’s last cretinine blood level has lowered to 423 making his eGFR now about 12. Yes, a slight improvement! The Urea has also lowered from 18 to 15.3 (which is better)

The Heamatology Consultant now wishes to see Hamada in six weeks! he is sending a letter to confirm this even though Hamada had accepted it completely and was most agreeable, not to attend more clinics. So God willing maybe, just maybe, once the Revlimid and Aspirin leave his body, the kidneys may improve enough to continue with more MM treatment.

I am sure there are many who understand how hard these changes are to recieve from day to day. As a Carer of someone much loved, I go from being saddened to the core of my being, trying so hard to keep Hamada cheerful and with at least some hope. To being so elated that I spend my days dancing around like some demon mad woman attached to my iPod forgetting to buy Vegetables and buying Lilies instead! It is nobodys fault and I blame noone, it is as it is.

Yet, this rollercoaster of emotions is so very hard to deal with but I do so love being right about this, certainly for the time being at least.

If the Revlimid and Aspirin leave the body could it restore the kidneys enough?!!