Oh my goodness.

So yesterday we saw the “big” man himself (he isn’t actually big, in fact he might be better described as petite!) We hadn’t seen him since before our holiday, back in August, Mike’s appointments in the meantime had been with the CNS team or on one occasion with one of the juniors doctors. I think his reaction when he saw Mike had him wondering how come he hadn’t seen him for over two months, the fault of course lies not with him but with a NHS which is stretched so thin you can see the cracks under the papering over.

Mike is still neutopenic, his platelets have dropped to 19 and his immunity is so low that Dr S.B. has decided Mike needs immunoglobulin therapy. He is booked in for his first session in two weeks time (as with all things haematology, there is no earlier appointment available, useless system!) He has also been prescribed GCSF injections to try and get his neutrophils up. 

Mike continues to feel awful physically, and I think after yesterday’s appointment he is feeling a tad down as the lack of progress inevitably leads to dark thoughts.  I know everyone says it, but I just wish life would treat us a little more kindly. If we’ve got to cope with health worries let us win £1,000,000 (or more!) If we’ve got to cope living on a budget, fix Mike so he can at least earn enough to live! 

Still we’ve got Christmas to look forward to. Maybe I should start immersing myself in that, be the crazy lady who has the decorations up the second week in November. 😆