Oh, I’m stressed

It’s another one of those “I wanna run away” weeks. May is always insane for us. Tim is always
overbooked with work. He is turning down jobs at this point. I host mother’s day and we celebrate Olivia’s b-day on the same day. We’re doing a party with her friends Friday night. We go to VT for Memorial day. We coach softball all through the month. There are always multiple other social engagements in May. AND if that wasn’t enough to contend with,
I just found out that the program that my church and Lutheran school uses to print the reports that I use to do the budget and treasurer reports has a problem and my treasurer report is wrong due to this glitch and I have to go back and audit 9 months
of income and expense reports and try to find out where the program is messing up because the
secretary that does all the bill paying, etc. has no idea what is wrong. SPLENDID!!! I have been
a lunatic on top of all this because my kid and my husband apparently are completely unable to
do ANYTHING for themselves even when given explicit directions. AND my father-in-law decided that it was the right time and place to bring up this family rift with Tim’s sister-in-law, and evidently now his brother, with my husband right
after our first softball game on Sat. right by the dugout with the girls and families all around.
Wh-wh-WHAT?!!! Apparently he is not happy that we are not going to Jim’s 50th b-day party. You know, the brother who is not talking to us. The party thrown by the wife who we do not talk to. I walked up to them all happy that Olivia had just pitched 2 fantastic innings
and I hear Tim all angry saying to his father, “It’s done, this is NOT up for discussion.” and he
walks away. I was like, “what is going on?” Then it dawned on me what they were talking about.
I looked at my father-in-law and said quietly, “Oh, you did not just bring this up now.” I walked away shaking my head. At this point, my husband is furious with most of his family. If these people don’t stop with the BS, I’m afraid he is never going to want to be around them. He already prefers to spend time with my family because it’s always fun and lighthearted and he knows everyone in my family has his back and has done nothing but support us through this whole MM business. He should not be having to deal with this garbage from his own family on top of MM. So that set the tone for the rest of the weekend and is still affecting us now. I am overwhelmed with all I have to do and moody and upset for Tim. Then I still have the problem with nobody in this house listening to anything I say. I went to church on Sunday. Olivia woke up with a face swollen with allergies so I let her stay home. Tim was in bed too. We had a pitching lesson right after church and I had to tell Olivia and Tim to make sure they were ready to hit the road as soon as I
got back. A few days ago, I had to take Liv to her doctor. She has had a plantars wart on her foot
and is having problems with her ankles too(growing too fast I suspect). The doc tells me to buy this stuff and use it every night for 6 weeks but MAKE SURE you don’t get it on any other skin than the wart or it will irritate the skin. Cut to Sat. afternoon and Olivia tells me 5 minutes before we are leaving for the ball game that she woke up with her toes all itchy and they have bumps all over them. I say “why didn’t you tell me this morning?” She says, “I forgot.” I said, “you can’t do this with medical stuff”(she’s been told this a million times.) I look at her feet and they are all bubbled up.
She either has poison ivy (I think I have a bit myself on my arms) or I don’t know what. I said,
“we have no time to do anything now, put some powder on it to keep it dry and sooth it.”(her softball socks are very thick and hot). So before church on Sun., I give her these directions, ” Eat something now and take a Zyrtec so it kicks in before your lesson. Go upstairs and wash your feet with warm water and soap. Have Daddy get the Calamine lotion out of the bathroom cabinet and put it all over your toes with a cotton ball.” So later, after church and her pitching lesson, I am running out to pick lunch up for them. I find out that she once again was not paying attention to me and she had Tim help her put the medicine for her plantars wart(which was on the kitchen counter NOT in the bathroom cabinet), that was not supposed to touch anything but the wart, all over her feet!!!!!!!! On skin that was already irritated from either poison ivy or some kind of rash. I lost it. Tim wondered if this was the right thing to do when Olivia told him. Could he not read the darn box? I told Olivia to go wash the stuff off her feet and took my puppy for a long walk and once again thought about hopping a plane for Savannah. Tim pulled another “never listens to me” thing just a few hours later and I told him I was going to quit talking altogether as it’s just a waste of my breath. He said, “good.” Some days, I just want to quit this job. :o( Neither one of them does anything to help me around here or anything for themselves for that matter. I’ve tried to join things and do something for myself so that I am not just being a caregiver 24-7, and now all I’ve done is make my life harder because they can’t function unless my brain is here. My daughter called me mean the other day several times and does not seem to see her role in the problem. I’m sure she REALLY thought I was mean when I then sent her to her room and told her the computer was now off limits on school days. When I went for my walk with the puppy Sunday while they ate lunch, I asked her when I got back, “did you and Daddy talk about anything while I was gone?” She said, “no.” I said, “He didn’t say anything to you about this not listening business?” She said, “oh yeah, that. Yeah we talked about it.” I said, “well what did he say?” She said, “I dunno, I forgot.” I give up.