Oh, hold that biopsy

Today’s urologist appointment was supposed to be a nothing appointment so we decided that I didn’t have to go.  Thursday, April 11, is the biopsy and she was just following up.
Well, she asked Tony what oncology said last week and he told her they should be looking for testicular cancer as well.
Dr. S, (urologist) explained that if it is testicular cancer and they do the biopsy, they risk spreading the cancer when they go in.  Therefore, cancel the biopsy.  She said that they can check it with blood work.  They sent him to the lab for blood work.  Results will be ready by this Thursday mid day.
This Thursday, we are going to Humber River Hospital for the usual chemo and wait for Dr. S. to call us with results.
If positive for testicular cancer, they will remove it Thursday afternoon with surgery.  If not, she will schedule biopsy for next week on Wednesday.  She still hasn’t ruled out infection or plasmacytoma.
Stay tuned folks.