Oh dear What no blog?

Sorry folks just to let you know I’m doing fine. My daily blogging is turning into when I have something to share blog, especially as I am feeling much better than I was. As far as my health is concerned I have been feeling rather tired over the last few days but really I think most people have probably been feeling weary in this weather. I am slowly weaning myself off all my medication and so far so good.

At the moment I have my feet up on the dashboard as we travel up to see my northern relatives in Sheffield. You know Sheffield where I was born and met Jarvis Cocker who sang at my party just over a week ago. I’m not going to let you forget that one.
We have finalised the DVD now and have made numerous copies if anyone would like a copy, just let me know.

Wow the sky looks very dark I expect we are in for another thunder storm. I hope it clears up towards the weekend as we are planning some time away by the sea where we will meet up with our good friends.

Next week I am getting back on track with working on my book.

After quite a journey through a number of thunder storms we arrived.It’s now 10.41 and we are back in our motorhome after a lovely evening with Aunty Judy, Uncle Ken and Rebecca, Josh and Reuben. They dished us up such a feast! Colin is making himself a brew. It’s very cosy in here on the drive we really love our motorhome.

Does anybody have the secret for stopping hot flushes they are driving me mad as I am having them rather too often now.

Sleep Well

Deborah x