Oh boy – Can my plate get any fuller?

I had everything covered.  Everything.
Today, Tony had all his pre-clinical trial tests and I was invited for “girl time” with friends visiting St. Jacobs.
My brother was to meet Tony at 400/Major Mac and Joe would drive downtown.  Tony left his car there and when finished would drive home safely.  All good!
I had some contractors at the house working. (small renovation)  All good!
Tony went south and I went northwest.  All good!

I had a great day shopping in St.Jacobs.
Tony’s day was spent getting blood work, handing in a 24 urine sample, full body X-ray (over 20 images), ECG & bone marrow biopsy.  His platelet count went up from last week as the doctor predicted.
All good! All good!
He is on schedule.  One week today, he begins this trial with new chemo.  All good!
At this point, I’m having a productive day shopping in St.Jacobs.
And then my plate got VERY FULL.  Here it comes.
We touched base with a phone call.  He was driving home I was shopping.  All good!
We caught up on our day.  Hung up.
50 minutes later, Tony calls me.  I could tell immediately that something was wrong.  Even though he was telling me “I’m ok, relax”.  A wife knows.  We just know these things.  One note and we can tell.
After he got home, he was chatting with the contractors.  He was very weak from his long day at Princess Margaret Hospital.  Contractor noticed this.  Asked him if he needed help walking to the front door…nope. Tony told him he was fine, of course.  (All men say this)
As he opened the storm door, he leaned into it, but the door just kept opening and he kept leaning and fell backwards, cracked his back head open on the veranda and fell down two steps scraping both arms and then landed on his forehead scraping that too.  He couldn’t move.  His arm got twisted.  My driveway and front door are not on the same side of my house (corner house).  He called out to the contractor.  They heard him and came to his assistance.  He was bleeding and had a goose egg at the back of his head.  Theyt found him face down.  He needed stitches. My renovation is a bathroom, so first aide kit was no where to be found. Contractor lives down the street and drove to get his while someone stayed with him.  They wrapped him up and drove him to emergency for stitches.  But according to him, he tells me on the phone, he’s ok.  OMG!
My plate got fuller.
My fear was something broken as what happens when Multiple Myeloma patients fall.  On the phone he assured me nothing hurt or broken.  So, my “girl time” trip ended and we drove to the hospital.
When I saw him, he looked so bad.  Bleeding and scraped and just so tired.  Poor Tony.  My heart aches tonight.  It just aches.
He got 5 staples.  He refused a brain CT scan.  No nausea.  I’m supposed to wake him up every two hours and monitor him.
So, at the end of this day, I’m grateful he didn’t break any bones.
So, at the end of this day, we are 76 people strong for the walk in 10 days.
So, at the end of this day, we have raised $19,862 for Princess Margaret Hospital.

Life is ok.  Let this be a reminder to everyone that you need to be grateful for everything in life.
Learn from experiences, good or bad.
One day at a time is how I get through this whole thing.
What has Tony learned today? – that he should be walking with a cane, perhaps?

Let’s see what happens with this trial.