Ode to St Vincent’s

I’ve spoken to a few people re; the closing of St Vincent’s CCC for MM patients and the migration to MtS.  Where everyone is aware that MtS is the better hospital and will be much better, long term, for research, treatment, etc., everyone misses StV’s.   As an entry to this miserable disease, and having seen a few other institutions in advance of going to StV’s, this was a wonderful place to go through the treatments, check-ups, and what not.  From the moment you arrived, they knew who you were, what you were scheduled to do and where you were supposed to go.  And though I’ve waited there at times, it was never a truly miserable experience.  I have even shown up on a Sunday to drop of two liter bottles of ‘samples’ to a couple of nurses in the treatment area not quite knowing what to do with these.

Now on to Mt Sinai – it’s HUGE.  The building I’m in covers two square blocks and is affiliated with the other 6 or so blocks of hospitals around it.  I’ve not yet been for bloodwork where I wasn’t 11th in line in the queue.  To get to the MM section (Ruttenberg clinic) you have to walk through the treatment center (hereafter to be referred to as Grand Central).  Now granted, they’re new there – so none of the computer stuff is up and running correctly so there’s going to be a bit of confusion.  But it’s still a bit tough to get your arms around when you were used to something so completely different.

My buddy the nurse put it more precisely, “StV’s was a boutique…now you’re at Macy’s.”  Well my mother should like that! :)

by for now