October 24th

Dear readers of Sander’s blog,

My beautiful, strong Sander is no more. Things moved quickly the last two weeks. He tried everything within his power to delay the inevitable, going as far as to receive further radiation treatment last week. Just as soon as the leg would start to shrink, then…
We waited for Sander to find peace. Late Wednesday afternoon, Sander indicated that he was ready to go. He truly pulled every last bit of enjoyment out of life, in any way possible. What a fighter, what an optimist, what a sweetheart for us all.
Sander was completely lucid when he made the decision, despite the morphine.
The farewell was warm and impressive. We were all there: Thomas and Seona, Erik and Inge, Niels and myself. After the first injection of dormicum (sleeping drug), Sander immediately fell into a deep sleep. Thursday night, around 6:30PM, he drifted away for good.
We don’t quite know how things are supposed to go without Sander. We do know, however, that we have a treasure trove of memories and that he will always be with us. We were together almost fourty years.

I want to thank all blog readers for their support and reactions. We know that many empathised, as Sander did with his peers.