Oct. 15 (day 15 and still counting

I was just given the weekend off from the clinic. I asked if they would
let me go home but it was a definite No! My nuetrophils are still way to
low to be around anyone. The nurse told me to stay in my nice little apt.
and close to the clinic.
I have had an interesting week. Sun. (day 11) I saw a weekend doctor and
he told me I looked so good. Teasingly, he told me not to tell anyone I
was given melphalan because I looked too good. Then, Mon (day 12) I saw my
regular doctor and the new attending research doctor who told me he heard
how while I was doing and I comment how young he looked. It got very quiet
and the doctors and nurse were just staring at me. I asked why they were
staring at me and my doctor said there was nothing else he could do for
me. The labs haven’t come back yet so we couldn’t look at them. After the
doctors left, the nurse said that I am doing so well they didn’t have
anything to discuss with me. Normally, people are so sick they have some
plan of action. On Tues (day 12), I was sent to the triage nurse to get my
vitals and sent home. They were too busy seeing sick people. I am just too
healthy for them. Then today as I said earlier, I free for the weekend.
They were teasing me about if I came crawling in on Monday, they will know
I didn’t follow protocol and was goofing off this weekend.
There is a chance I can head home in about 2 weeks if my nuetrophils reach
.5. I am at .11 now.
God has given me an amazing body. I recoup from illnesses usually pretty
quickly plus with all the prayers I know are going up for me I am looking
forward to going into complete remission. Praise God
Love, Becky