November ’09’

This month has been quit event full. The starting was pretty quiet. Mark is still doing his Wednesday treatments and everything looks real good.

The closer we got to Thanksgiving though everyone had a mishap. Not Mark! Our daughter (Mark’s daughter) Brooke was going home from work and passed out on the UTA van. They ambulanced her to Tooele and they sent her to the University of Utah. At first they thought she was having seizers. The U found that she had bleeding going on in her stomach and went in and fixed it right away. She did miss Thanksgiving with her families, but it was a good thing they made her go in that ambulance. She is home and recovering nicely.

Then our grandson Carlos fell and ended up in the ER for a big bump and cut on his chubby head. No stitches, but one big goose egg. It is so wonderful when they are learning to walk.

Then Britt (my daughter) ended up with the flu and in the ER on Thanksgiving Day. She could not keep anything down and got very dehydrated. She missed Thanksgiving also, but is doing very well now.

Thanksgiving Day we had my oldest daughter (Toni) and her boys for dinner. I was able to spring my mom from the Nursing Home for a few good hours. She has not been doing so well the last few months so this has became a real challenge taking her out. It is a good thing I like a challenge every now and then.

sorry about the bad picture, my camera broke.

Dominick, Christopher and Mark. I am sure glad
Christopher didn’t show us that mouth full.

Look Grandpa’s hair don’t come out no more!!

Then the boy’s took off for the dunes… I stayed home for my mom and other little thing that needed me here. They came back because something was wrong with the big red truck. So they unload everything and load up with Wes and went anyways. I love when he is doing what he likes to do the most. Of course he can’t ride but just being there makes his day.