Nov. 25th Happy Thanksgiving

I will be spending Thanksgiving with my kids in Mt. Vernon. Ron went elk hunting with friends. I hope he gets an elk.
I wanted to update everyone where I am at. I was just released from Seattle again. I started my maintenance therapy with vorinastat and velcade. I take vorinastat pill for 14 days and velcade the 2nd and 5th day of a 28 day cycle. I notice it is causing all my blood counts to drop. I saw my regular oncologist just this morning and we set up appts. for next month to continue the therapy and I was no more than 5 min away and I got a call to be back on Mon. to recheck my counts again. He had just got the counts from the lab and was concerned. When I was with the Seattle doctor on Monday the 23rd and I saw my blood counts were low, they said it was expected. Maybe that’s why they give me 14 day rest from this chemo.
I have been feeling very healthy and miss working. I planned on going back to work in February. I just might see about doing some part time in Jan. to work back up to handling my job full time.
I also spent a couple of days in Salem, OR this last Thurs and Fri with my mom in the hospital. She has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. She was a heavy smoker all her life which is the main cause for this cancer. It is fast moving and could spread to other parts of the body. The hospital did a cat scan on Tuesday(yesterday) and found cancer also in her brain and liver. They can treat it with chemo but even with chemo her life expectancy isn’t very long.
Pray for my mom, that she endures the treatment and she can be with our family this Christmas. They will be putting her in a nursing home this weekend after her first round of chemo. We had a family reunion planned this Christmas since it will be my dads 75th birthday on Dec. 28th.
Pray also I do well with this maintenance therapy and I can go back to work soon.
God Bless, Becky