Nothing to Update – 2nd Relapse Medication Insurance Authorization – October 26 2012

Have heard nothing about the Carfilzomib approval today, so I called St. Luke’s Hospital MSTI and had to leave a message for the nurse. I’ve decided to invest a LOT LESS angst in to this process – not good for me.

Curascript called this morning and said the Revlimid WOULD NOT be delivered today and I’ll get it Monday – again, chill Jude, chill~

Terrible night of leg cramps – nothing seems to help except stretching and walking around. I took a plain Tylenol 500 mg with some success. Also had a gripping gut ache for awhile.

Walked Kemmer on the Mine Hill 1.38 miles – cold at 34 degrees, but very little wind which was nice. I should have had a red bandana on Kemmer to show